To celebrate this season of giving, Portmanteau Press LLC is proud to announce that we are making our bestselling and highest rated title, Toonopolis: Gemini, free for the next five days on Amazon.

That’s right! You can now dive into Jeremy Rodden’s world of Toonopolis by picking up the full-length debut novel about a teenage boy being lost in a cartoon universe for your Kindle without paying a single cent. For those of you who don’t have a Kindle, remember that you can download free Kindle apps for any smart phone, computer, or tablet! (Check here for details.) After that, grab the Toonopolis Short: Anchihiiroo novella for just 99c!

Thank you to all that have supported our works in our first year of operation. We wish you all a pleasant holiday season, a joyous New Year, and look forward to 2012, which we expect to be a big year for Portmanteau Press LLC.

Be sure to stop by on January 6th for The Myth of Mr. Mom‘s participation in the Indie Book Collective’s Bestseller For A Day, where we will drive our friend Rachel Thompson’s The Mancode: Exposed to the top of the Kindle charts!