What a wonderful day it is!

No, not because it is Groundhog’s Day (and we have already seen way too many references to the Bill Murray movie of the same name), but because today is the start of the Indie Book Collective’s Free Par-Tay event. This event has gathered dozens of highly-rated, high-quality indie books, put them all in one, well-organized place, and made it very easy for readers to load up their Kindles (or smart phones with Kindle app, or computers with Kindle app… you get the idea).

The easiest part for readers? Every single one of these books are free for the next two or three days. Some of these books have reached Top 100 paid status. Some are Top 5 or Top 10 books in their categories. This is not a collection of johnny-come-lately books. They are well-written, good books.

Portmanteau Press LLC is proud to contribute two of our current titles to the Free Par-Tay pool: Jeremy Rodden’s young adult adventure novella about the origin of his anti-hero of Animetown (Toonopolis Short: Anchihiiroo) and our collection of short, nonfiction essays by stay-at-home dads (The Myth of Mr. Mom).

Go. Download them now. Tell your friends. Share the free and enjoy!