Toonopolis Files: A trilogy written by Jeremy Rodden and illustrated by Cami Woodruff that follows the experiments of Special Agent Mimic of the Agency as he tests the connection between the cartoon world (the Tooniverse, main city Toonopolis) and Earth.  Book 1, Toonopolis: Gemini released May 30, 2011.  Book 2, Toonopolis: Chi Lin release TBD.  Book 3, Toonopolis: Zephyr release TBD.

Toonopolis Shorts: A series of short stories and novellas written by Jeremy Rodden (with possible future guest authors/co-authors) that explores more of the expansive world of Toonopolis.  Some of the stories will be directly related to the Toonopolis Files trilogy while others will be stand-alone works or very loosely connected.  Toonopolis Short: Anchihiiroo released October 13, 2011.  Other titles TBD.

Non-Fiction: We like to publish non-fiction works that are personal in nature.  There are some tentative plans for future works, some by a single author and other anthologies but nothing is concrete at this time.  The Myth of Mr. Mom released December 10, 2011.  Other titles TBD.